The Mirror

The Mirror is a real time collection of all human activity around the world. It gathers data from security cameras, mobile devices, satellite imagery, consumer products and more. The Mirror takes all this information and creates a virtual model of the world that can be accessed via a computer or through VR.

Because it gathers so much data about everyone, its everyday uses include keeping track of weather conditions and predicting the forecast, autonomous vehicle navigation, developing public policies, and for creating military strategies. The Mirror however is most commonly used by Law Enforcement. By accessing the Mirror, they are able to be alerted of crimes currently taking place, reconstruct crimes that had already happened, and prevent future ones by figuring out potential offenders and putting them through rehabilitation before they commit any crimes.

Public opinion of the Mirror varies from person to person. Some people approve of the Mirror because of its convenience and the fact that it makes them feel safer since it’s difficult to commit a crime without being tracked. On the other hand, there is no sense of privacy whatsoever since the introduction of the Mirror. People feel like they are constantly being watched even when alone, and it has made some people feel subconscious about how the Mirror, and those who access it, will perceive them based on their daily routines.

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